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Gorillaz's Technique Is Just Kick Ass!!!

Click on image to launch video

Well Damn I didn’t catch the Grammy’s, but I did happen to see the Madonna/Gorillaz set after the fact…and DAMN! That is one hell of a neat effect they pulled off. 3D virtual animation, at first I thought it was holograms, but I was pretty sure the technology hadn’t reached that point yet. I had to find out how it was done, and after a bit of Google’n I found out that it is an advanced version of on old Victorian parlor trick called “Pepper Ghosting,” Follow this link to find out what it is all about. Pretty much the object look dimensional (see video,) but much like a hologram, they aren’t really there. Sweeet! Supposedly in 2007 Gorillaz are going on tour and hopefully will have a full show like this. Now the clip I have here is not form the Grammy’s, but some other MTv show. If you go to Launch Music you can check out the Madonna version. Pretty cool mix. This is the kind of shioootttt that I love! Hi-Tech weirdness meets art/music and bottom line is just damn sweet!!!

WHOA!! That was fucking freaky!! Kool links homie!!

I agree Piojo, I would defiantly go check out a concert if it was going to be like that...A few beers later and that illusion stuff would really get spooky! LOL

hehe i'd want something a little stronger than beer... a bottle of whisky man!! FUCCCCKKKKK.. imagine that shit...

This is pretty cool. I wish I had seen the Grammys now. If that concert comes to Austin, I'm definitely going to try to go.

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