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It Smells So Good!

Well today I was pushing the calories a bit, nothing bad really. I was getting near my 2000 mark so I thought I would whip-up something really good and filling after working out, for dinner. I love fresh asparagus so I decided to sauté them in a little virgin olive oil with some diced garlic and a touch of Balsamic vinaigrette. Nummy-good tasting and it only takes about ten minutes! In the end I barely went over my calories mark for the day, but I ended up burning something like 600 exercising, so all is good! Anyhow my house smells like a nice garlic filled restaurant.

Ohh, that sounds so good! I usually use lemon pepper instead of the balsamic vinegar though. So many ways for asparagus!

Oh, asparagus!! You've gotta cook some for me one day...if I ever make it back down there.

You bet C! Or if I ever make it up to Austin for some of those Taiko drums. Plus I have a sister who lives up in Austin that I really need to visit sometime too. =o)

That sounds good Moni, I'll try it that way nextime. I also like cooking up some fresh artichoke hearts the same way.

Homer Sums It Up Best!

I hear that stuff makes ppl fart :-P

...only if you sprinkle it with a little magic soy powder. hehehe ;o)

that makes your piss stink!!

Are you saying your piss doesn't normally stink?

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