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Dear Anne - The Gift Of Hope

I guess it's the art major in me but I have always been fascinated with CGI, even though I can't seem figure it out for myself - heehe. Well here is a film, soon to be released by 263 Studios dealing with the remarkable story of Anne Frank, and her struggle to survive, during the WWII German occupation in Europe. Here is a little bit more info on the "workings" of this full CGI feature length film.

263 Films and Dear Anne

“Dear Anne. The Gift of Hope” is the full-length 3D animation film produced by 263 Films of Milan. The thirty-yearold director, Dario Picciau - whose 3D film “L’Uovo” (The Egg) received awards at the Bologna Future Film Festival in 2003 and at other important film festivals - introduces at the press conference of the Future Film Festival, a work in Digital Reality - the new standard of digital cinema. Much has been said and written about “Dear Anne”, partly because it tells an unforgettable story, and partly because its creation has brought together the finest team of digital artists ever to work on a project of this kind. The result is something that has never been seen before in movies: the 3D photorealistic reconstruction of a lost world which returns in the light of art to speak out to the hearts of people throughout the world.

The Milanese director heads a team of 60 artists who have all worked on major productions: from “Star Wars” to “Harry Potter”. In order to breathe life into the characters of the film, the most advanced studios of motion capture technology in Europe were also created. For the voice of Anne Frank the director has chosen Jennifer Crystal Foley. The American actress, daughter of Billy Crystal, possesses the ideal interpretive intensity for conveying the many psychological and human nuances of the main character.

Dear Anne. The Gift Of Hope - Trailer

Looks very interesting. I'll be sure to check it out.

Kooooo I have to check that shit out as well. Maybe netflicks has it.

Wow. I love the story of Anne Frank. This will hopefully be a good one!

It really is a beautiful story, isn't it Mon? I'm not sure about the animation stuff but Anne Frank is definitely worth givng it a try.

Aaaaah the Anne Frank's story. It is a very sad story.

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