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Happy Christmas Day!!

...all the way from South Padre Island! I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas Day and eats TONS of good food, I know this little puppy is going too! ;o) God who will want to look at the weight scales after today - Hehehehe! Oh well never mind that, just go and have a wonderful time with your family and friends and be at peace with the ones around you...At least for one day, this day, that's the way things should be. =o)


Thanks bud, you too! =o)

Be at peace with the ones around you. What a marvelous idea. Peace be with you Krezy!

Thanks C! =o)

- Oh and by the way "dial-up" is the tool of the devil! I swear I have to almost wait for each letter I type to appear on this damn thing...Thus, I will only refer to people by the first letter in their name. LOL ;oP

Merry Christmas Bro! :-) Catch you next time I'm down in the RGV!


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