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Something Cool...And Free!

When I say free I mean it...you don't have to worry about any damn Adaware crap or anything like that. The program I'm talking about is Konfabulator, and although just recently picked up by Yahoo they have kept it free. The only thing I think they've tried to add is at the install point where it asks if you want the Yahoo Toolbar (just uncheck the box and your fine.) The coolest thing about Konfabulator is all the neat and for a large part useful add-ons (widgets they call them.) There area over 1,500 widgets to browse through and they are all free! The program itself resides in memory and has a very low "CPU footprint," maybe 1 to 2% CPU usage with several widgets running. You basically can change you whole XP or even Mac desktop around and make it a real interactive tool. Check out the links bellow for the details if you like...But do yourself a favor and download and install this puppy! =o) Oh and no worries, you can tweak the hell out of most of the widgets to customize their look just the way you like it.

The Widget Engine - Windows

The Widget Engine - Mac OS

Here are some Widgets that I highly recommend adding to the standard ones:

Stormy Weather!

Trash Bin Deluxe

Volume Bar


Retrograde3 - Clock

CPU Meter

If you have a laptop and with WiFi, these two are great to have too.

Battery Meter

Wireless Meter

The whole Widgets thing came with my iBook G4 and it's great. There's even musical widgets!! I like the gas price watch widget. I'm not sure how accurate it is but it gives you an overall idea of gas prices in the area. Anyways, widgets = good stuff.

Yeah I tried out the gas widget and I agree it's pretty cool, but lucky for me gas down here in the valley is all pretty much the same. ;o)

~God I'm sleepy tonight, need rest...must close eyes.

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