Sunday, April 30, 2006

I'm A Sucker For Great Animation Movies!

...I give you Happy Feet!

- Just Double-Click to Start -

- Trailer 1 -

Happy Feet Trailer - 1

What it's all about: Into the world of the Emperor Penguins, who find their soul mates through song, a penguin is born who cannot sing. But he can tap dance something fierce!

- Trailer 2 -

Happy Feet Trailer - 2

...This thing, I predict, is going to make NIMO-style money!

Friday, April 28, 2006

Here We Go...

Okay here we go…Who would have ever thought two pictures, would have spurred this on. ;o) Well I guess I don't feel the same way about ALL women as you do Ed, but in turn I’m sure I’ve had different experiences than you have had…we all do. I for one have meet lots of wonderful ladies in my life and some not so great. That’s one of life’s “little doors” that slides both ways for the ladies too, I’m sure. One thing that I’ve learned, more so just from the passage of time, is that both sexes are prejudice towards looks. Only some are more extreme in their prejudices than others. We all try not to admit it, and say that we ONLY care about what inside a person, so as not to feel overly superficial. Guess what? We are all guilty of harboring the ability for being superficial and to deny that would be lying to ones self…Sadly this appears to be a human condition we all share, but to varying degrees. If this wasn’t the case we wouldn’t have (for a very simple example) magazines such as FHM, Cosmopolitan, Maxim, and on and on and on, selling in the millions. Some mill over them for the images they contain, others looking for tips on how to look this way or that, or how to best please and or snag them a “mate,” etc, etc… WE ALL ARE GUILTY OF THIS...BEING SHALLOW. However with all that being said I for one DO enjoy seeing an attractive looking woman, such as Adriana Lima or any other women who takes care of their body. However would I choose physical beauty over someone who may not be nearly as attractive physically as she is to me, for one who has brains, an opinion, who is both smart and sweet along with so many other things…No I wouldn’t, and I would make the choice without thinking twice about it. Some of you may believe what you want about what I just said and say “WTF-ever,” but I think deep down (unless you’re just an asshole/bitch to the core,) would choose to be happy in life rather than being superficial. Bottom line is this, looks alone will not bring you happiness (sadly this is something we all tend to learn, but only after much grief, pain, and tears…self included.)

Honestly, all things aside, the women I think about holding every day and spending the rest of my life with, I have yet to find, but she is much like this:

(Attraction based on physical attributes)

Attractive: Sure
Not-So attractive: Sure

(Attraction not basied on physical attributes)

Brains: A Must
Opinions: A Must
Sweet: A Must
Laughs: A Must
Loves to Smile: A Must

…and that’s all. If you fit the above, and you’re looking for much the same, let me know… I would love to take you out, if only simply, to get to know you.

- Krez

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Well I Guess I Need To Post Something...

God I'm beat because for the past four days I've been working all day and then coming home and working for two plus hours outside on the yard. It's been in the 90s each night, GOD pure misery! That's what I get for putting things off for so long, but it is a hell of a workout none the less. ;o) In fact I think I've found my next project...the yard. Maybe I'll do something cool like put in a rock waterfall pond or something, Hmmmmmm...

Well for now, undoubtedly the finest women on the planet! {sadly one I will never have the chance to be around - LOL} I give you Adriana Lima...

Monday, April 24, 2006

Unauthorized Access of Computer Records...

Unauthorized Access of Computer Records Discovered at UT Austin

Apr 23, 2006 By News Staff

Ouch, I hope none of you are Business grads from that college, if so expect a little letter in your snail-mail coming soon. ;o)

Unauthorized Access

Friday, April 21, 2006

Now This Is The Way Things Should Be! ;o)

Well I finally finished with remodeling the Master Bedroom, which was a long project. I'm happy with everything except the carpet, which is still the same. Eventually I want to lay down some wood flooring, but that will have to wait for now. Bellow you will see some before and after shots, to show how things have changed.







- The New Fan -


- A Little Widescreen Movie Action! -
(Trivia: Guess That Movie!) ;oP

- Some Good Times In T.V. Mode -

- Well that's all for this room, now onto the next project! With a house it never ends, but it always remains fun...and frustrating at times too - LOL ;o)

- Opps, I almost forgot about the new Kitchen table...Some of you may have already seen this though.

- I love this table! -

- Poker Time Soon! -

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Haha-YES!! Ohh 80s How We've Missed You! LOL!!!

- Not much of a post, but it's 11:10 and I'm still full of energy and I just came accross this photo! LOL Wooo! Wooo!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Mondays....Need I Say More?

Like most people on Mondays, I didn't want to get up. Well hopefully it won't be a typcial "Case of the Mondays!" LOL

Have a good one yall! =o)

...Just a good song, by a women with a remarkable body and voice too.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter Everybody!!!

Happy Easter!!!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Damn You, Trunk Monkey!

Don't you just hate chaperones!?!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Yet Another Little Update On My Progress.

Besides feeling like a “tool” taking pictures of myself (just feels weird,) here are two more to give you a little bit more on my progress. I think the back and arms are coming along well and from the side shot you can see how my mid-section has slimed down, I’m about a 31 waist now. No full ab shot yet and until I get the full six-pack deal that shot will have to wait, but I’m guessing at least six more months until then. Also not in this shot, but my legs have been getting quite toned too and is not something I had expected, so maybe I’ll include some shots of those in the next update. Laterz all!

- Back & Arms Starting To "come along." -

- Starting to Win, Battle of the Bulge -

Friday, April 07, 2006

Weeee, Weekend Is At Last Here!!

Damn, I know we all have seen at least one or two of the "types" before! LOL!!

Monday, April 03, 2006

Didn't Think I Would Ever Have This Sort Of Problem...

I didn’t think I would ever be contemplating on how NOT to loose anymore weight before- Hehehe. Last night I was doing my regular checking in and to be honest I figured I had put on a few, since I wasn't exactly strict (at least in my mind,) but I never went crazy though either. Well I had actually lost weight and not just a little, close to two or two and a half pounds, now down too 177.5. That's getting a bit too low in my opinion, especially since I know I've put at least a half a pound of muscle on. Jeez, I really wasn't expecting to deal with something like this - hehehe, not really sure how to react I guess I need to increase my calories or decrease my exercises...But how, everything seems "just right" at the moment, I mean damn! I eat like crazy it seems, at least six times a day, and Eric can back me up on this....a lot of it is Patos! LOL I usually get the Chicken and Cilantro, (which is quite healthy for a taco, by the way.) Oh well I guess I'll add just a few things, the upside though is that I continue to "tone-up," a little more "cuts" here and there I notice each week, so that's cool. The Abs are finally loosing their battle against my will!! Hehehe

Well I had one busy weekend, I pretty much continued working on the computer room putting the trim down on the padded floor, it really looks much better now too. Also I finally got around to mounting that other HDef-Projector up in my bedroom and putting the entertainment center together in there. As you know from my last post I also got my hands on the Xbox-360 (but no time yet to play with it Hehehe...) And to finish the day off I had one hell of a workout, well "glide session" that is and found out that I didn't gain any weight when I thought I had. So cool! (God something bad is going to happen now, I feel it! LOL) {knocking on wood*}

Just to prove I'm not getting crazy about my weight and maybe going down the "Olsen Twin's" obsessive weight loss road, I went and had one hell of a burger at Round Robin's and a crap load of fries for lunch! Weeeew, it's been so long since I had a good burger. It was the one with the fried egg on it, Eric. Mmmm good! But I kept things a bit healthy, I had them drop the O-So-Good Maple bacon slices and had them leave off the Mayo! And changed the American cheese to Provolone Cheese and everything else was there...Damn that was good!! =o)

Laterz, that's it for now.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

GOT ONE! About Damn Time Too, This Xbox-360 Has A Home.

Not much to this post other than a BIG "Finally!" I got myself the Xbox-360 and one game (those damn things are way too expensive...$60.00 DAMN!!) It's going to have to last me for a long time - LOL Eric, help a bruda out, let me borrow Condemned: Criminal Origins.

- To bad I don't have any real time to play at the moment...Got'a clean the house and do all the other things that suck up what little TIME there always seems to be! ;o)