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Didn't Think I Would Ever Have This Sort Of Problem...

I didn’t think I would ever be contemplating on how NOT to loose anymore weight before- Hehehe. Last night I was doing my regular checking in and to be honest I figured I had put on a few, since I wasn't exactly strict (at least in my mind,) but I never went crazy though either. Well I had actually lost weight and not just a little, close to two or two and a half pounds, now down too 177.5. That's getting a bit too low in my opinion, especially since I know I've put at least a half a pound of muscle on. Jeez, I really wasn't expecting to deal with something like this - hehehe, not really sure how to react I guess I need to increase my calories or decrease my exercises...But how, everything seems "just right" at the moment, I mean damn! I eat like crazy it seems, at least six times a day, and Eric can back me up on this....a lot of it is Patos! LOL I usually get the Chicken and Cilantro, (which is quite healthy for a taco, by the way.) Oh well I guess I'll add just a few things, the upside though is that I continue to "tone-up," a little more "cuts" here and there I notice each week, so that's cool. The Abs are finally loosing their battle against my will!! Hehehe

Well I had one busy weekend, I pretty much continued working on the computer room putting the trim down on the padded floor, it really looks much better now too. Also I finally got around to mounting that other HDef-Projector up in my bedroom and putting the entertainment center together in there. As you know from my last post I also got my hands on the Xbox-360 (but no time yet to play with it Hehehe...) And to finish the day off I had one hell of a workout, well "glide session" that is and found out that I didn't gain any weight when I thought I had. So cool! (God something bad is going to happen now, I feel it! LOL) {knocking on wood*}

Just to prove I'm not getting crazy about my weight and maybe going down the "Olsen Twin's" obsessive weight loss road, I went and had one hell of a burger at Round Robin's and a crap load of fries for lunch! Weeeew, it's been so long since I had a good burger. It was the one with the fried egg on it, Eric. Mmmm good! But I kept things a bit healthy, I had them drop the O-So-Good Maple bacon slices and had them leave off the Mayo! And changed the American cheese to Provolone Cheese and everything else was there...Damn that was good!! =o)

Laterz, that's it for now.

sup Kelly,

I checked out CarlorieKing like you suggested and found it confusing and hard to use. Am I missing something? That system makes no sense to me....

Hehehe actually no its not too bad... Although, at first I would agree, that it may look that way to someone. Stop on over sometime and I'll show you what I'm talking about. Actually I spend no more than 5min a day on it...once you figure the "system" out. Just come on by anytime. =o)

Moderation, my friend. Moderation.

I agree Cathy, that's all CalorieKing.com is, a helpful moderator. It just allows you to keep track of things more easily, IMO. Esp. if you're always on the go, it too easy to forget that "little" snack you had here or there. I was shocked when I first started logging everything I just "snaked on," I was suprissed I wasn't even larger! LOL

I wish I could say loosing too much weight was my problem. I'm amazed at how much I've gained. But I'm working on it.

Yo Kelly change the address on my link, I am running a homebrewed script to redirect certain directories and certain ips and ip chains to a kinda FUCK OFF page, hehe, so change it to wp2/ instead of WP/

if u want..



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