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Alright! I reached 70!

Cool, last night I was doing my usual nightly pushup routine and I reached the


without stopping and without too much trouble...pain, but not feeling dead afterward. In other words I think I could have done a few more, but didn't want to push it before I crashed out for the night. If I did I was afraid I wouldn't be able to get to sleep if my body slipped into that "workout mode" LOL!

- Side note I finished putting my machine together and finally figured out why it wouldn't boot last night, stupid oversight on my part - hehehe. I needed to connect another cable to the motherboard that I had overlooked. I had forgotten, since this mobo is a bit more beefy, that it requires additional power. Once I made the connection it came to life! =o)

I'm glad your computer problem wasn't something major like you were worried about!

And, congrats on the push-ups. When someone talks about running, I always say that I don't run unless I'm being chased. I haven't come up with something that smart about why I don't do push-ups. Any suggestions?

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