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I Don't Know Why, But...

I've been in an exceptional "UP" mood as of late. Everything thing seems to be going just right in life for me - minus the girl though =o/ But HEY who ever knows with that, right?!? That may just happen tomorrow, or not. I think my increased positive attitude towards things is also because my body/health is finally really transforming into the way I've always wanted it too, and never thought it was a goal that I would possibly be able to achieve. The whole process has been a positive boost to the old ego and outlook on everything...Each day seems just "brighter!" Not that it was ever dark for me or anything, it's just easier to smile it seems, if you know what I mean?!? ;o)

By the way this little flash happens to be one of my favorites from the same guy who did the last flash in the previous post...Also it may be because I've always liked the song. =o)


Too good not to throw in for yall!


- Krez

These flash animations are great!

You know I really admire how you have changed man, I remember Eric and I trying like hell to get you to party with us, but you'd stay the course!! GREAT results man!!


Thanks Piojo I'm not going to say it hasn't been easy - hehehe because it wasn't LOL Don't get me wrong now, I still party I just couldn't do it all "pro-style" like you and Eric would, I had to leave that behind me or no way in hell would I have stuck to it! LOL

Thanks for the Kudos man, I feel the same way about you and biking...I don't know how you do it?!? Great that you can, I myself would keel over most likely. ;o) Anyways just wait a few more months then the real changes will be showing! Zero'n in on those Abs now.

By the way incase any of you don't already know...ABS SUCK to try and "cut-up!" LOL ;o)

I'll stick to cutting up baby back ribs, ribeyes and mollejas!! TEEHEE!!

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