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Damn! Rest In Peace Mr. Knotts!

(1925 - 2006)

What a sad moment I loved this guy! He always made me laugh and brought a smile to my face. I loved him in all those shows from The Andy Griffith Show, to Three's Company, and movies like The Apple Dumpling Gang. Also one of my all time favorite slapstick ghost hunter type movies was with him and Tim Conway, The Private Eyes! LOL, good memories. Well Mr. Knots, Mr. Furley, Mr. Limpet and all of your other personas, you will be truly missed! God Speed Sir!

Damn. Just last night at your place, when the Andy Griffith show was on, I was wondering whether he was still alive or not. How strange that he should die the next day. I liked him.


Yeah he was a great funny man, indeed. I was just watching some of the show today and didn't even have a clue that he had already passed away. =o/

When I saw the announcement on IMDB yesterday, I was so surprised I hadn't heard about it on TV or the radio already! I loved his innocent humor. You can't find that anymore....

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