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What's A Single Guy To Do, But Say...

"Happy Valentines Day To All My Lady Friends Out There!!"

Hehehehe.....ZING! =oP

Valentines Day is nothing more than a tacky marketing scam. A phony holiday for phony people.


Well Ce La Vie bud, but if you want to stay out of trouble with your girlfriend, ya better get her something! hehehe ;o)

I agree with Kelly, Eric. Think about how pissed you get when someone doesn't get u a b-day gift..regardless if you tell them not too! 8-P

I didn't much care for the "holiday" even when I was seeing someone. Hell, I think the last few of them with Jim (who I was with for 4 years) we decided to give each other the gift of savings (no gifts)!

Happy Singles Awareness Day!

or you can do what I do. a couple of years ago, I got my wife something really expensive and she got mad for buying into the commercialism. Nowadays, I just give her something real simple, preferably under $5. She is happy because I remember and we don't buy into the machine :)

And this is Ramon, as from UTPA d00d!!

a thoughtful gesture is all that is required....

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