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I'm Really Getting Pissed, BlogSpot!

I did a post last night that showed up on my blog for a few hours it seems, but today it’s gone. That's "one" Blogspot! Oh well the post wasn't anything major just a little about me finally paying off my school loans and crap. You may have noticed that I added a little video window on the side of my blog. Basically this is will change weekly and will be some random video I find out there on the net. The first few will be ones that I jam to, while on the glider, you know to get the blood flowing...And why. as you can see, they do. ;oP I'll also be adding the Net-Audio Find box shortly. Well now I'm back to working on the Master Bedroom's theater system. Next I start on the guest (oriental) style room and painting. I also decided to move one of my other entertainment centers into that room, since I will be converting my third room into an aerobic/workout room. I'll have some pictures up soon, of the Master Bedroom at least.

I think Blogger was having some technical difficulties last night. I tried to access my friend (Saucy) Joe's blog and it totally denied access to everyone. Maybe they were hit by one of those Feb 3 worms....

Yeah that could be, damn my luck. It was actually a pretty sweet post. =o( Oh well, fug-it, next time. Hope you are relaxing some this weekend, I'm sure trying too. =o)

Hey there Kelly, that is such a cute picture.

I am now officially in Arkansas and I love it. Although we had some problems coming in. The hotel we stayed us was ghetto. I stayed in Richardson, Dallas. When we woke up there was police in the hallway and it turned out that someone had died there in their sleep! Talk about nightmares!

Wait, is this the first blip you've experienced with Blogger? If so, you're gonna have to either calm down or host your own blog again. C'mon man...you know technology. Bust out with the pissy puppy face once you've had bad experience after bad experience after bad experience and you're still willing to hang on.

Damn! A dead body! Creepy.


Hehehe, thanks C...but I only put the puppy up after I had lost like six posts already...Man, I can really feel the love! ;o/ LOL!

Wow Ana, sorry to hear that, but I tell you what I have a great movie for you to watch that will just take those nightmares away...I believe it was something ...of Emily Rose Hmmmm. ;o)

Not cool Kelly! Here come the nightmares again.

Eric-yes, very creepy. Almost as creepy as the gay ghost that lives in your apartment and stares at you while you sleep. 8-P

At least he doesn't touch!!!


Hmmmm, I don't know about that. You seem to never want to leave your apartment. Maybe you're getting all the attention you need there.



yo Kelly waasaup with the panam network . .its interrupting my daily porn search!! hehe

Okay, stop being pissy and update!!

Yeah Yeah okay, I'm on it! BTW did you get my text-message? Sorry it took so long to reply, I just saw it.

I know Piojo, you're doing at least 10MB of our traffic alone! ;o)

I did get your text. Thanks. :)

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