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Back To The "Grind!" {uggg!}

Well it's a New Year with new challenges I'm sure. Yet for some reason I feel that 2006 is going to be a GREAT Year! Why? I have no idea...maybe it's just 'hope' or maybe not, but something smells good in the air. ;o) Let's see I'm back at the office looking at a pile of stuff to work on and at the same time not knowing which pile to dig into first...This is the part I hate most about returning from a long break, everything at first glance looks overwhelming {ugggg!} Oh well, lets see what this little stack right in front of me has to offer. ;o)

I know what you mean man!! I hope this is a good year too, but 2005 was pretty damn good to me!! Hey bro I need someone to go out to the trails with me one of these afternoons you interested?

I have no idea what 2006 might hold for me. 2005 was just too up and down to predict 2006 off of. But I too have good feelings about it so I'm gonna go with that!

My desk isn't piled up with stuff yet but I know that there are things I should take care of to keep from it looking like that picture. My big problem is, everytime I sit down to actually pull my thoughts together to start on my "list", I have no thoughts. My mind goes blank. However, when I'm in my car or somewhere that's not condusive to writing myself a list, that's when I have all my good thoughts. ARGH! Oh well, so is life.

The year of the dog. Yup 2006 is going also to be a great year for me too :-)

Yeah Piojo I might take you up on that soon...not quite yet, I have my hands full of stuff already! LOL

Be careful Cathy, all that work will sneak up on ya and bite ya in the butt! Hehehe

That's good to hear Persephone, I hope that it is a good year for you too! Hey are you ever going to turn on your 'comments' section again??

Ah hah, if it can find my butt...I've lost at least 7 pounds since September!!! AND, if I keep running around in the heels I've told myself I'm gonna run around in (I've decided to dress more like a "girl" to work), that won't be the last of the poundage! :D

TeeHee you said "poundage" Careful Cathy that last sentence could be interpreted in many ways! LOL ;oP

Congrats on the 7 pounds by the way, that's great! =o)

yeaaah comments section are open somewhere this year or next year :-)

hahahaha poundage!!! HAHAHAHA sounds like a sport huh Krez?

;oO ;o) Yeah, if you look at it phonetically Piojo I believe the Sport of “Poundage” (pronounced 'Pun-da-gee’) is of French origin…A group sport, I believe, in the South of France!

Now see what I mean Cathy, what you started!?! HAHAAHA

I could say something like "bubble" and it'll start something with you guys!!

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