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- 2006 -

God I hope some of you don't feel like this picture looks...but I know some of you do! Perhaps someone’s name that begins with a C, TeeHee! ;oP

Lets see, Happy "headache free" New Year to, Eric, Lyd, Ana, Cathy, Steph, Len, Connie, Ray, Ramon, Ed (Piojo,) Dacia, Nino, Mauro, Kimmer, Mom, Gary, Steve, Andrea, Alex, Amy, Riki, Stephanie, Katie, Kerri, and Jessica! =o)

Hey, it was Crown and my bathrobe is MUCH cuter than that! AND, it's much too warm for slippers....

Happy 2006, Krezy!

Well, I'll wait for the photos (you promised) to speak for themselves - LOL. Yeah I prefer Crown more than Jack, myself...Jack is just to harsh! {uggg!}

So how did everybody else do? Headaches?!?! Hehehe ;o)

An update and pictures are available now!

Happy 2006 to Krez :-)
and Eric, Piojo and Len

Check out the pictures of the biggest new years event in Berlin at the Brandenburger Tor on my site. It was great...Millions of people were celebrating there.


Will do Marilyn, thanks. By the way I checked out the DVD, Sword In The Moon. It was pretty good but I still like House of Flying Daggers, the best.

I like the Sword in the Moon because it reminds me of the Samurai's in Japan and im a bit obsessed by the Samurai thing lol. Still the House of the Flying Daggers is my favourite movie :-).


I was asleep by 11:30 on the eve of 2006 . .hehe i was effin tired, i rode over 5 hours that day on the mountain bike!!

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