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MERRY CHRISTMAS Everybody!! (Almost) ;o)

Just one more day to go!! So what is everybody doing for their Christmas? I myself am head'n on down to the island to spend it with the folks and stop on into the Brew Pub once it opens after Christmas! =oO

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

That Christmas album is the bomb! Best Christmas album out there.

I agree bud, Bing could sing! Especially the Christmas tunes...gives them a very relaxing a peaceful tone. =o)

I love Bing Crosby! He was amazing in the musicals as well.

My family and I are doing our annual Christmas morning brunch at The Four Seasons Hotel.

Have a beer at the Brew Pub for me. You know that's my favorite place on the island. :)
Merry Christmas,

Hey Kelly! I'll have to add this link instead of your old one. Merry Christmas!

Thanks Mon, Merry Christmas to you and yours!! =o) Now go and open some presents! Hehehehe ;o)

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