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Damn You Number Sixty-One! You Elusive Bitch!

Okay about two months ago I started adding pushups to my daily routine...Just once a day mind you, mainly in the evening before crashing out or after doing my usual exercises. Well I started off barely being able to do fifteen, before almost busting that little vain we all have in our forehead – LOL! Well now I’m always able to reach fifty, fifty-five all the way up to sixty…but damn it I can seem to make it past sixty. Now yes I can do it sloppy and all…but I mean past sixty with steady and proper form. So I say damn you sixty-one you cold hearted biooottcchh of a number, you SUCK!

Heck, I'm still working on number 21. Though I've only been at it a week, I've got 20.5 down pat.

There's only one way I will do any push ups...needless to say, it's been quite a while since I've done any.

Uuuuuuu, do tell?!? ;o)

I do push ups, most of the time I am not counting as that would be rude while in the presence of a lady.


Happy Holidays everyone.

Yeah, Happy Holidays Ramon and EVERYBODY!!

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