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I'm Back...While a 1/3 Of Me Isn't

Okay so this if my foray back into the blogging community. It’s been something like eight months since I typed my last entry into my old blog site Krez’s Pad. This time around I decided to keep things simpler, at least as far as my involvement goes, so I decided to go with a free blogging approach. It’s going to take me some time to learn the new code used to tweak the Blogger.com stuff to make my site just the way I want it.
So what have I been doing, well lots of work at the office, but that has come to an end for now with the conclusion of the huge campus wide wireless project – WOOT! I’ve started a few long term projects on the house involving some simple electrical wiring and repainting all the rooms and getting away from the traditional boring white (this is the project that should take the most time.) I also purchased a new High-Def projector that I’ll be installing into the living room to go with my home theater and moving the older projector into the master bedroom where I’ll be building another large theater wall screen, so I can a have a theater in the bedroom as well. ;o) All of this should be a lot of fun and a bit of fun learning too.
I’ve been keeping up with my exercise program and as of today I’m at the 11-month mark. I’m so amazed at the changes I have been able to accomplish with very little more than changing some small things in my everyday lifestyle. I simply continued to stay active each day for at least 30min (Elliptical glider and walking) and eating better, but not really dieting. I eat whatever I want for the most part but I keep it reasonable(PATOS Rule!!)you can get crazy with food at times but not all the time, that is the trick! Like I said before I can’t believe the changes I’ve almost lost 11” in the waist and 6” to 8” in the hips and thighs. I’m actually starting to get some real cuts, not just “hints” of definition, and I can honestly say my abs have really starting to show the “box” look. Now with that being said the abs are still going to take the longest to be complete, but I don’t think more than another 6-months until I can count each “checker.” Oh I almost forgot the amount of weight I’ve lost…I’ve lost about 60-pounds and I’m around 188 now. I’m hoping to have some pictures (before and after) up around the 12th month mark. Well wish me luck. Truthfully though it really hasn’t been all that hard to do what I’ve done, it’s almost funny to me how little I feel that I have had to do to get to where I am…A few small changes in your everyday life, spread out over a period of time, can make huge differences! The only “downer” I guess, if you were to pick one out, is that it takes time…There is no getting around that, but the results are real and long term! (I hope that is - hehehe) See you at the twelve month mark! =o)

Woohoo! I'm first at posting on your new blog! Welcome back, bud

Thanks bud, you think you are going to try and get your's up and running again too? Man I'm hungry I think I'm going to head on over to Pato's again for some good Chicken and Cilantro goodness! MmmmMMmmm Good!

Yeah, I think I'll get mine up again sometime soon. And Pato's sound good.

The boys are back in town! YAY!!! I've missed all your blogging. Yes, even the half (and more) naked women. Well, kinda but not really.

Welcome back to the blog world and congrats on all the good work!!

Did someone say neked'women?!?! Hehehe Yeah it's good to be back among the "blogging gang!"

Hmmm, now what to say....or show??? I know, neked women! LOL =oP Thanks for the idea, C!

Actually for now, I'll just leave you with this...sounds like good stuff that TAG spray! LOL

TAG Spray

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