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A Wonderful CGI Short Film

I came across this incredible CGI short film This Wonderful Life by Liam Kemp who pretty much learned everything on his own. The remarkable thing about this CGI is that he did it on his old "home style" Athlon 1.4Ghz machine using mainly 3DStudioMax. Basically "off the shelf" software tools that any of us could get our hands on and play with. None of this was studio only type of stuff...very cool! Read more about it here: More on Liam Kemp and is work.

I really wish my computer graphic skills could have gotten to this point, maybe one day I'll be able to play around with my copy of StudioMax and get halfway there - LOL

Dude!! That chick had a nice rack!! We could make 3d PORN! PORN DUDE . . PORN!!!

Hahahaha, Well one thing is for sure we would have to use some "BomPaBowWowww" type of music instead of that mellow stuff, just to keep with the "classic" style of things. LOL ;o)

Is that ALL you ever think about Eddie? *rolls eyes*

Well, I guess I WAS the first one around here to mention boobs so that's what I get. Shit.

That's right Cathy you have no one else to blame for that, than yourself! Hehehehe ;oP Because of you Boobies are now free here on this blog, thanks...GOSH!{Napoleon D.}

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