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Too Good Not To Share! Lego's Revenge Of The Brick!

The first clip is actually an extended ending to the short but I wanted to post it first, because I think it's one of the better parts. One thing is for sure, the animators over at Treehouse who created this short, have a great imagination. So check it out and have a laugh or two while blowing a few more minutes of your life away on the internet. ;o)

Revenge Of The Brick - Full Short

I had never seen the Darth Vader Lego Orchestra before. It's great! I am going to have to share that with my band/orchestra friends.... Thanks!!!

Hehehe, I thought you might get a kick out of that. I just wish I knew how to create animation like that on my computer =o( Oh well back I go to surfing the web aimlessly - LOL. ;o)

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