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If My Motivation Had A Face...

Exercising, eating right and working on the house...What else is there??? Lots more and I plan on doing it all!!! W00T By the way soon I'll be adding a little side window called "NetVid of the Week" and "NetTune of the Week." Just some goodies I find out there on the net and feel like sharing. Right now I'm chill'n to some Taiko drum performances. Why this style of percussion has always fascinated me, I don't really know, but I love it. Maybe it's because of the show like performance that goes along with it, hmmmm, well it's good stuff! =o)

A little Taiko'n going on over at YouTube.com Click to enjoy some (it may take a bit to load.)

Taiko - 1

Taiko - 2

It really is cool to watch. Something about the syncronization of a bunch of big drums is always mystifying, too. I've had the opportunity to see this stuff live a few times. Too awesome!

Well I envy you then Cathy. I would LOVE to see an actual full blown performance. The closest I've come is when I've been at Disney World and checked out some of Matsuriza (right-mouse click and open in new broswer) Unfortunately I stopped over in Germany a bit to much and was a bit smashed so I don't recall enough of it to say I really experienced it...But I do remember saying "this is the shit" at least once. LOL! Someday I guess I'll just have to go back or hop a plane to Japan! =o)

I do have to admit that some of the Taiko I've seen is in Japan at O bon festivals. I don't know how "usual" this is but most times I've seen them, they've performed in the streets. Kind of instead of a parade!

Most of the Taiko I've been able to see has been here in Austin. My mom's friends have a group that's open to anyone who wants to learn. I think groups like that are starting to really start up in lots of places. You maybe able to catch some live even in the Valley!!

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