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What A Bitch!!

What a pain in the ass! How do you like that I’m all ready to crash out about 10:30, showered and relaxed. I go out to put my truck into the garage and see that I have a flat! What a bitch! So there I am, crawling under my truck, getting all greasy and crap to remove the spare and un-mount a flat one. Now I’m finished and it’s just a little before midnight…I’m greasy and dirty and now I need to jump back into the shower and get all cleaned up again! Damn! Well that’s what I get for TRYING to get to bed at a decent hour. Plus now I have to get up a bit earlier, to take the truck in, to get the flat fixed so I can get off the damn spare. Uggggg… Sometimes you just don’t want to deal with the crap!


Yeah it was! Hey I just checked out your new site Piojo...Nice look! I was going to post buy you have your wp-registration.php disabled at the moment. =o( Turn that puppy on! ;o)

ahhh I didn't know . lemme turn that focker on!! I am using the same template as len, only i have a lot of mods to make still . .its a kick ass template

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