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The New Phone Book's Here...

This is the kind of spontaneous publicity I need. My name in print. That really makes somebody. Things are going to start happening to me now. - Steve Martin - The Jerk

Okay so I was yap’n with Cathy, and I pretty much realized that everybody else’s blog has some real lengthy posts while mine on the other hand {cough...} tend to be more pictures and videos - LOL! What can I say, I don't "DO" letters. I left that behind from my college days, Hehehe. Well I decided I should do a post with a little more "umph" to it so here goes...Well it actually won’t be in this post but the next one, if we are going to get technical about it. ;o) As you all know I've pretty much changed how/what I now eat, something I have spent the better part of 14 months working on now. Well I've eaten a lot of quick prepared meals (TV-Dinners) and have come across some very good ones and some very shiiittttyyyy ones too! Soooo, I think I'm going to start posting about some of the meals I've had and create like a little rating system based on price, quality, nutrition, etc...One reason is because I know allot of you out there are always rushing around (like me) and often don't have the time to cook a good homemade meal {sigh,} like we might like to do, so you need something quick to whip-up...Well you might not have to look much further than my little food critic site to find some quick, good, and healthy meals to slobber over (well none have been that good yet.) I'm a tough critic so if I post that it is CRAP, I would steer clear of it...If it is good, then give it a shot you'll probably like it. Whew okay now there....a somewhat longer post - hehehe! =oP

sweet! that sounds like a great idea.


Just Kidding!

yeah krez ... also add some of the food stuff for quick lunches. For example, a "cup of noodles" is good for quick, but so high in carbs. Lately, I have seen these "Tuna lunches" at the store (pretty much comes with a can of tuna, mayo, crackers, a mint and a napkin) although low-carb, kinda expensive and not very fulfilling, anyways, you get my drift.

LMFAO, geeeesh Anna that was harsh, but you got a giggle out of me girl :-)

That's pretty funny Krezyboy, cuz that is exactly what I do when I bounce out the door for the day. I pack my pre-prepped meal plus a 2-scoop meal supplement powder in a zip-lock and I am gone!

How about listing them by Maker and allow us to toss in our two cents? We can rake and rate these meals as you put them up.

Um, I'm glad that our conversation can bring you to such enlightened places.... LOL!

Now that I'm single, I've been pretty good about going back to cooking large meals on weekends (i.e. my lasagna) and making my own frozen meals for lunches. And, since no one is peer pressuring me to eat out as often, I'm cooking during the week, too. It's the dishes that aren't getting done until I absolutely have to now!

Yeah thanks lady for the Zzzzz! =oP

Well I'm working on the page now Len and that sounds like a "plan," I'll see what I can come up with. I’ve already got a list of items to put up, Most are very good, some have been a step above dog poo!

Naaa Ramon having to boil water for 8min just takes to long! Hahahaha...See Ramon noodles, even though they brought me through my collage years intact hangover after hangover, I wouldn't give them a super high rating on my system I think. They are filling, but other than that, no real nutritional value...although the price is "right on!" LOL So that is something, right?!? ;o)

Well Cath, don't get me started on dishes - hehehe, sometimes I feel like my sink resembles a dozer construction site (Think Fraggel Rock - dating myself there) All I need is some Fraggels to come along and eat them up and the world would be a happy and clean place - LOL Actually it's good to know someone is cooking real home cooked meals, nothing store bought will ever out rate that (in most cases - no one eat my mom's meatloaf - Blaaaahhhh!)

{*I'm safe, mom never checks my web site*} ;oP

LOL, Kelly loves the mean side of me, he'll always be my cracker B*tch!! 8-X

Kelly, did you get my message last night? I know it was pretty late.

Yeah and you suck! You know better than to watch that show without me...Damn and I thought after two seasons of that you would be faithful...what'a women! Hehehe ;oP

I'm sorry Kelly, I really really am but if I waited to watch that show until you came up here it would be 10 years before I watched the end of the series. Let me tell you though, the end was great!! 8-)

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