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Busy Busy!

Well I had a busy weekend. For the most part I ended up gutting a room, filling nail holes, taping and painting walls and assembling the “bad boy” in the previous post. That was a bitch! When they say needs assembling, they mean it! LOL I also laid down a padded workout floor in the room as well as set up a new computer desk for the new computer I’m currently building. This room is going to serve two functions, an exercise room and also a PC gaming room. It’s kind’a the Ying-Yang approach, you have to have your relaxation with your exertion! ;oP In addition I'm also assembled something called the AB Lounge, that thing was almost as hard to put together as the Power Flex machine was. Well that’s about it for a busy 48 hours…Oh yeah I also found time to build a computer, from scratch with OS and "goodies," somewhere in that same time frame! LOL busy busy!

im tired too man, i put in a lot of miles this weekend...

I know about that crammin' it all thing. I'm still amazed at how far I've gotten with the house buying process! Funny thing is, you know most of everything I've gone through. Thanks for listening to me babble the last week!

Oh yeah...Look at you...two REAL posts in a row!!! I'm proud of ya!

Glad to hear it Piojo, hope it was a good time, push'n the limits!

"Well you know....What can I say" {all Jay Jay Even's style - Good Times} Hehehe, Thanks Cath. Yeah I'm on a roll, look out I may actually really suprise you and post another! LOL ;oP

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