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Just Another To Blow 2min Of Yout Time. ;o)

Click to Play The Cathy 'wacked my head' tribute flash

A belated congrats on the 180 d00d. Regarding the previous flash file, that was hilarious. Seemed like a german phonetic interpretation of an italian song. Just when you thought you had seen it all ... lol

Oh by the way, I am posting this from my home computer during my lunch hour in case a couple of you are wondering ... not that any would, but just in case anybody is, not that wondering about it a bad thing or anything, but sometimes we wonder way too much, not that is wrong per se, but we alway have to make sure to throw the disclaimer, not that wondering can lead us to bad things, but I was just saying, cuz you know how some people start wondering and then one thing leads to another, and then before you know it it begins an inbalance in "the force" that can create time-continuum disruption that will lead us to the flux-capacitor malfunctioning and we definitely don't want that, do we?


Okay Ramon, now that last post could make as an interesting flash itself. ;oP

Hey! These are Japanese rhythms and melodies and I wacked my head on something the other day...it's a tribute to ME!! Awe, you shouldn't have, Kelly!


I just think I did a superb job in the art of saying a lot without really saying anything. It is an almost forgotten art in which the diction and elocution of certain terms and homonyms combine to perform a linguistic and cacophonic feast of herculean proportions. This lost art is also known as taurine ordure.

ROFL ... i slay myself ... ROFL

Man.... that Infosec stuff did a number on Mr. Ramon. Anywho, pretty cool flash Dude, only that this time I don't know the name of the tune ;). Laterz. Mauro

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