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YES...YES...YES!!! 180 Baby! And My Target!!



Click To Launch 'I Don't Know What Language' Flash

Sweet my target weight has finally been reached, one year two months and six days! YEAH!!!

Awesome, bud! Good work! Glad to see that you stuck to it and achieved your goal!

Oh, and thanks for the ethernet cable too, btw!


Thanks bud, the road to here really hasn't seemed that long =o) No problem with the cable bud, took me less than five minutes to cut, crimp and make...When you do it for a living it becomes second nature - Hehehe.

Let me know how Xbox-360 live is, I'll have mine shortly too! =o)

Very cool, Kelly! All I have to say about your song is it sounds pretty cool but ENGLISH, WHAT???

...but ENGLISH, WHAT???

Hehehe, I have no idea Cathy, I just like the tone of the tune! ;o) Hopefully it's not tellins us all to go to hell in a musical way - LOL

Hey fuckers I wanna come over and play XBOX too... Maybe I shoudl buy one too...
I can scam best buy like schumert...

Kelly, congrats!!! I'm proud of you.

Dude, congrats on the 180! The song from the flash is Volare by Gipsy Kings. The actual song is Italian. Domenico Modugno made it very popular. Even Frank Sinatra had its own version in english except for the Chorus that's always interpreted in Italian:

Volare ho ho
cantare ho ho hoho
nel blu dipinto di blu
felice di stare lassรน.



Sweet! Thanks Mauro...I should have know you would have and idea about it. Thanks! =o)

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