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Time To Bring In "The Big Guns!"

Well it’s finally time to add in some serious weight lifting, now that I’ve reached my target weight (180lbs.) Since I decided to turn one of my spare bedrooms into a weight room, rubber padded floor and all, I figured I needed a real machine again. So I went looking for something well built, not overly large in size, while still delivering a wide range of exercises…I ended up purchasing the new Gold’s Gym Power Flex. This puppy is really going to rock; my muscles are already feeling sore just looking at the picture – LOL!

To keep with how I have been doing everything else over these past 14 months I will not be working out more than 30-45min or so each time. I really think “part of the key” is not to make what you’re doing feel like WORK. Keeping the time duration down to that level still gives you a good burn but never quite begins to feel like another “job.” Man I can’t wait to see how I’ll have changed when I reach the 24month mark, ya hear that you &%^$#@ abs!?!? LOL

The 'Goodness' on the Power Flex

- Now, does this count as a real post, Cath? ;oP

very nice man!! Can't wait to check that puppy out!

Kelly the Incredible Hulk!

BTW, where is that space you told me about for the blog? I have my new TV and furniture setup.

Very cool addition to the house. We'll have to celebrate that as part of the great celebration that is to come soon and more than once!! YAY!!!!!

(and this was a better update, thank you) ;)

That looks indeed nice Krez!

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