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Hahaha, This So Hizzi To The Hizzo, Suck'Os!

Man I didn't even know they cared about CP back in those early days, but I guess from this unbelievably bad info-ad, someone did. An old school bud of mine sent this to me (Thanks Edward,) so enjoy it, in all its old-school style train wreck 80’s fashion - LOL

Did any of you ever see this, back in the 80s???

HA!! Copy a game on a floppy...those were the days!!

Hehehe, Yeah those were the days...but damn it really wasn't that long ago. Just a bit over 10 years, for the most part. Damn I just finished watching the whole thing and "look at those computers!" LOL!! I've seen a few of those actually used as door stops over here - LOL!! And what BS, "call us for tech-support and we will always help out." Yeah right! Hehehe ;oP

Dude, where the fuck have you been? I called you four times! They had 360's available and then they sold out! WTF? Answer your phone, bud!


P.S. Oh yeah, that video is massively gay. Damn faggots.

Ohhh sorry man, I must have left it in the car...Now that I think of it, things have been quiet around here - LOL! By the way I think the web is wrong I called them and they didn't have any Xboxs, and their webpage sais they still out. Where did you see it?

Sorry about the phone bud. ;o)

It was on Best Buy's site-the link I gave you for about 2-3 hours and then it was greyed out. McAllen and Corpus.


Kelly, I tried calling you about where they had Xbox's in stock. All you had to do was return the call-loser!

I didn't see any call, when? {for real!?!? Today?!?}

No, I called you and Eric on Fri. since he told me you were looking. I found a link on the net for areas that carried Xbox's with free shipping on orders over $150.

What are you doing up at 3am on a Sunday?

How many hours ago did you say you were going to update??? C'mon friend!

I'm on it...I'm on it! ;oP

hey kelly thanks for the hospitality man, I had a really good time!! We need to do that shit more often!!

I hear ya Piojo. Yeah lots of fun and sweet guitar'n!

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