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GOT ONE! About Damn Time Too, This Xbox-360 Has A Home.

Not much to this post other than a BIG "Finally!" I got myself the Xbox-360 and one game (those damn things are way too expensive...$60.00 DAMN!!) It's going to have to last me for a long time - LOL Eric, help a bruda out, let me borrow Condemned: Criminal Origins.

- To bad I don't have any real time to play at the moment...Got'a clean the house and do all the other things that suck up what little TIME there always seems to be! ;o)

"little TIME"

Especially since you have an hour less. Damn that daylight savings time!

Have fun with your new toy when you get to play with it.

Thanks Cath, plan too. Funny thing is...it's still sitting on my floor all boxed up - LOL Now that I have it...no time to play with it! Hehehehe Been working on the floor trim to my weight room but I should be finishing up on that soon, then a little workout, some laundry, then the Xbox! LOL

That's is so cool! I can't wait to get mine.

About time, Bud! Congrats! Why didn't you call me? I lent Condemned out to Steve, not sure if you know him, but I have Ghost Recon, Oblivion and Burnout Revenge on the 360 right now. All kick ass. What game(s) did you get with your system? Definitely pick up Call of Duty!


I got Ghost Recon of course! ;o) Tell that Steve guy to get your game back! LOL

Ohhh, and I didn't call because I haven't even unboxed it yet - Hehehe. Now that I have it I need to find the time to play with it (wow, that phrase can apply to so many things...LOL) ;oP

Daammmm i hear the game play is getting better on the console, but until i get some scratch in my pockets, I'm just going to have to play yours and erics :-P Oh, and the one at Fry's here in town.

:-) Xbox-360, you shall be mine!

Yeah, i would have to say that console gaming, at least as far as the 360 is concerned, has finally beaten PC gaming-and this is coming from a lifetime PC gamer. Honestly, I have no interest in PC games anymore-they feel so lacking.

Anyway, bud I'll tell you which games to stay away from. Far Cry sucks major ass! Stay away from it. It's a glorified port. And don't buy into the hypr of Project Gotham Racer 3. The graphics and handling bite major cock. I haven't tried Fight Night yet since it's always checked out at Hollywood.


are there hookers in that game?

Thanks bud, will do...Shame to hear about Farcry, I was looking forward to that one...Oh well. ;o) Thanks for the FYI! =o)

Yeah Len, get one when you can, I just got back from BestBuy and they STILL had some Premium Systems...Main reason I figure is because they have them hidden, and I don't know why. I just knew where to look since they were stashed away in the same place as yesterday, under a tarp. I

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