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The New Room & Computer

- New paint on the trim and walls. I went a blue/grey neutral for the walls with bright white for the trim. You can also see a bit of the padded floor I put down, which I still need to add the border wood trim too...this weekend I guess. For extra workout room, that blue Ab chair folds up and out of the way, leaving quite a bit of room for a personal workout area. =o) -

- Just a better shot of the equipment, plus you can see the dark edge of the padded floor where I'm going to put down the wood trim. -

- just a shot of the "cool" (get it!?!) fan I installed. Got'a keep that air flowing when you are working out or things can get nasty...and not in a good way! ;oP

- I love this desk, I got the idea from the one Eric has. Glass and metal always looks great! Anyhow you can see the whole computer shot in this image. Of course this picture was taken before I did the cable management (to clean things up,) but oh well. I also extended the padded floor to act as one of those "carpet protectors" around desks. By the way those are just temporary speakers. I have some real nice metal ones coming that will go with the desk...Everything has to "look right," ya know?!? ;o) -

- Now to "kill" the lights. Sweet! I've always liked how the blue-glow looks when it comes to computers...Leave the crap off your cars people! ;oP -

- "Into the Blue." Just a better shot of the machine. Check out the fans, yes that’s three 120mm sucking cool air into the case. As loud as this may look the system is very quiet. Larger fans turn slower while pushing larger amounts of air, it is those small little fans that make all the deafening "blender" noises...The machine is very quiet with and idle case temp of 26 to 29-degrees Celsius. =o) The CPU, at idle is anywhere from 33 to 34-degrees Celsius, very cool for a CPU that isn't water cooled. -

- Just a closer view so you have a shot of the illuminated ribbon cables, just for an added touch of geekness - LOL Also you can see a bit of the blue glow from the VGA card fan cooler I installed. That puppy never gets above 60- degrees Celsius at full load and idles around 36-degrees Celsius. First thing you do whenever you buy a new video card get rid of those STOCK coolers; they are cheap and usually suck! -

- a Heads up shot of the hole thing. Illuminated mouse, pad, and keyboard and the 19" wide screen LCD. Man I love it!-

The final system breakdown:

- Asus A8V Pro motherboard

- AMD 64bit X2 (Dual Core) 3800+ (Over Clocked to 4200 speeds) and very stable!

- 2 Gigs or DDR RAM (OCed 440Mhz) - Stable

- ATI X850 (256MB) AGP Video card (OCed to 578 memory & 579 Core) Stock is 500x500 =o)

- One 140mm fan and three 120mm intake air fans

- two 120mm exhaust fans

- 550 watt modular power supply with LCD temp and fan control (3 1/4 bay insert)

- 80Gig SATA drive just for games

- 120 Gig IDE ATA133 drive (separate boot OS) just for video editing, rendering.

That's pretty much it, but this little dude, should last me for some time! Remember design it well and keep your system cooled and it will last you forever!

wow man, kicks some major ass!!

The blue is cool! So, this is the result of the techno-nerd babble from earlier? If so, it's worth all the techno-nerd babble!


yea, that rig kicks ass ... eventually you may want to move the exercise equipment out of there since you gotta have room to expand your computer and add more things in there ;)

Hehehe, naaa the exercise equipment is here to stay, but I may need a bigger house! LOL ;o)


CATHY-I spoke to Kelly and I wanted to send you some congrats on the house!

I was "denied" from the Xbox-360 today, those Best Buy Bastardos! They said they aren't going to sell any of them until April! Even though I could see them stocked up in the back. Bastards I say!!!

Oh well I have enough to keep my hands busy right now I guess anyhow. Thanks for the Kudos on the "puter" there Ana...I knew you would like! ;o)

Ah, yes, the house. It's a no go...the hunt continues. Thanks for the good thoughts Ana!

Oh, and thanks for taking my messages on your blog there, Kelly! :)

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