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Okay it looks like the CSS theme template for Blogspot is no longer working. For now I'm moving over to Myspace.com, who some think is the tool of the Devil - LOL. One thing is for sure though, Myspace is simple and basic and doesn't require much input on my part other than the posting. =o) I'll keep this site up but just as a "place holder" for now, so head on over to:

Krez's Corner Of The World

Remember that quote from "The Waterboy" about what little girls were ... that is what myspace.com is LOL

*sigh* I slay me, I know

No, no...MySpace is the work of the devil! And Tom is not my friend!

Kelly, why don't you just host your own blog again? You're Mr. Tech....

Hehehe, cuz it was a lot of work to have my own server up and running at the house. Plus you had to keep an "eye" on it all the time...Hackers are always out there looking for a way in. I supose I'll do it again though...but for now my time is too limited. =o/

many words to describe your reasoning you use, young padawan.

the followind word, I use:



I hate this...I can't check your blog at work without risking getting fired. They have a scan set up to all the high school computers for use of proxy servers or something. And that's the only way I can get into that damn Devil's lair you insist on using....

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