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Well I Guess I Need To Post Something...

God I'm beat because for the past four days I've been working all day and then coming home and working for two plus hours outside on the yard. It's been in the 90s each night, GOD pure misery! That's what I get for putting things off for so long, but it is a hell of a workout none the less. ;o) In fact I think I've found my next project...the yard. Maybe I'll do something cool like put in a rock waterfall pond or something, Hmmmmmm...

Well for now, undoubtedly the finest women on the planet! {sadly one I will never have the chance to be around - LOL} I give you Adriana Lima...

Why won't you ever be around her, is she dead or something?

No woman is unreachable man!

I'd bang her.

Hehehe, I know that Piojo, I'm just being realistic here. Hehehe I know I COULD win the lotto too, doesn't mean it's going to happen now does it?? Could it?? Yes...Will it??? Probably not...But if it did, oh baby!! LOL ;oP

- Of course you would, could, and better, Ana!! LOL =oP

You can't win the lotto unless you play....

Oh, and thanks for making your blog so I can't look at it at work! :-p~

You know you guys need to learn to respect women!! Women aren't objects you know!!

...Ummm, okay so what did YOU do with the real Piojo?!? Cuz that's not him speak'n - LOL! ;oP

That really ISN"T Ed. haha. ANyway, yeah, so she's wearing sexy stuff, is underweight, and young. So what? Other than that, she looks plastic... just like every other girl out there would look, if fixed up like her. Why doesn't anyone want originality anymore. Yeah, so sex would be fulfilling if she was hot... why? You cum faster? Usually the pretty ones have little to say. Do you roll over in bed, and then talk to the smart one? Geez.

Ouch! Hell Jen my prefect women IS actually the one that has brains, doesn't mind kick'n back with a beer once in awhile, laughs and isn't hung up on looks so much, and basically just has a sweet heart above all...But since I can't seem to ever find that quality of women, maybe I’ve become a bit jaded. =o/


women are just as, if not more shallow than men, just dumber, a good talking ugly guy can get into any womans pants, while the only way a guy ends up with an ugly chick is with A LOT of beer...hehe so atleast we get the beer(thus negating the dumbness, and if you were drunk it never really happened cause you don't remember..SOO)... LMAO I feel as if I am about to get a bunch of shit form all the womenzzz...

Drangontongue..you really do live up to your name! I agree with you!

I never really cared about looks in my case. Looks are only temporary and in a few years, they will go away. I always have said that I was looking for a partner and an equal. Someone that listens to me and likes for me to listen to her. Someone that knows all of my secrets and that is also my best friend. Someone that is loyal and honest, because I know I will honor that myself and be act the same way. Someone who doesn't mind me holding her hand and being very touch-touchy with her. Someone that laughs at my goofy jokes and makes me laughas well. Someone whom I could picture myself being with after 25 years.

Lucky for me, I nabbed me one of those and I am not letting her get away. I know that it was well worth it relocating to the Rio Grande Valley just for her.


hehe... its tits and ass for me.. dats it.. nothing else matters.. if you want to converse with women keep em as friends and that is it, i don't want a girlfriend or wife, i basically want a slave... teehee

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