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Yet Another Little Update On My Progress.

Besides feeling like a “tool” taking pictures of myself (just feels weird,) here are two more to give you a little bit more on my progress. I think the back and arms are coming along well and from the side shot you can see how my mid-section has slimed down, I’m about a 31 waist now. No full ab shot yet and until I get the full six-pack deal that shot will have to wait, but I’m guessing at least six more months until then. Also not in this shot, but my legs have been getting quite toned too and is not something I had expected, so maybe I’ll include some shots of those in the next update. Laterz all!

- Back & Arms Starting To "come along." -

- Starting to Win, Battle of the Bulge -

Hey I saw you on TV last night, a video called "Boys gone Wild"!!

All jokes aside hough...You look great!

Thanks lady I'm happy as long as I keep moving forward and not backwards! I can't wait to see what the following year holds in store for me. =o)

- Get that Xbox up and running!

Wow bro...you look FAB with no FLAB! hehehehe...yes, your Sis is a poet too ;o) Watch out for those Indiana women when you come up here in May. Love you.

Hehehe, thanks Sis! XOXO Yeah I can't wait to see you too and the two coolest nieces around! =o)

WHOA! For a second I thought I had stumbled across gay porno!

j/k, bud


when I grow up ... I wanna be just like you ... except that I would not take pics of myself ... cuz you know pics steal your soul ... muahahaha!

Hehehe thanks bud, yeah the taking shots of oneself is a bit odd, but "hey" what'a gon’a do, right? ;o)

AHahhahaha, cuz kellyz l00king fabulous! ;-) Erics only jealous cuz he wants pecks just like yours bro. hehehe

Looking good krezman, keep up the great work! It's almost time to go tube'n bro, I'll be sure to let you know when it's going down so you can show off yer hard work!

Yeah I'm all in for the tube'n, it's been years since I did the old "float'n down the river with beers" sort'a thing...Hey I heard they've got'n real stiff with that now. Say it isn't so! =o(


Wowowoow that looks freaking good!

Hehehm, Thanks Lil, it's taken 14 month to get this far...a few more and I'll have those abs! I can't wait!

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