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Happy Easter Everybody!!!

Happy Easter!!!

AWWWWW, isn't that a sweet picture! Happy Easter to you, too!

Happy Easter, bud!


Yeah bud, you too! Where have you been?? I've called a few times but your phone is always off...What's up with that? ;o)

I have a new number. You never pick up when I call so I haven;t been able to give it to you yet!


Ummmmm, I haven't seen any new numbers on my cell...and there is something called voicemail... ;oP

...so leave the new digets.

Bah! Voicemail! I called you twice today, in fact!


hahahahahaha stop fighting mommy and daddy!!! STOP IT!! *covering ears*

LOL Piojo!!!

Eric, call me and leave me your new #. I've tried to call you lately, too.

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