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Haha-YES!! Ohh 80s How We've Missed You! LOL!!!

- Not much of a post, but it's 11:10 and I'm still full of energy and I just came accross this photo! LOL Wooo! Wooo!

I never knew Gary had so much hair! lol


Hehehe, yeah no shioottt right...Of course the photo is missing the tequila sunrise. ;o)

Who is that?

Dang, I'm glad you didn't get the wild hair to call...I was long alseep by 11 pm!

What did your hair look like circa 1986?

I have no idea Ana...someone in a 80s rock band I'm sure - Hehehe ;o)

As for my hair is was all KICK-A$$ style'n..All short but feathered in the right places! LOL

...your turn! ;oP

My hair was basically (minus the layers) the same as it is now - long and straight.

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