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Now This Is The Way Things Should Be! ;o)

Well I finally finished with remodeling the Master Bedroom, which was a long project. I'm happy with everything except the carpet, which is still the same. Eventually I want to lay down some wood flooring, but that will have to wait for now. Bellow you will see some before and after shots, to show how things have changed.







- The New Fan -


- A Little Widescreen Movie Action! -
(Trivia: Guess That Movie!) ;oP

- Some Good Times In T.V. Mode -

- Well that's all for this room, now onto the next project! With a house it never ends, but it always remains fun...and frustrating at times too - LOL ;o)

- Opps, I almost forgot about the new Kitchen table...Some of you may have already seen this though.

- I love this table! -

- Poker Time Soon! -

Looks really good, bro! All the hard work paid off. I'll check the new projector out when I stop by this Sunday.


Very cool! I'll make sure to consult your expertise as I make the (many, I'm sure) improvements on my upcoming home.

That looks so great Kelly!

dang d00d ... your pad be looking t3h sw33t ... I may have to drop by one of these days ... r0ck 0n *plays air guitar*

Thanks all, it's a lot of fun while at the same time a pain in the ##!@% LOL! The room I still need to finish up is the Oriental style room {Uggg , lots of work} and painting the livingroom... =o/ I guess all the work keeps me out of trouble though - Hehehe. ;o)

Ana, I'll call you later this afternoon, btw.

Evil Ramon says:

you speak of "getting in trouble" as if were a bad thing :)

wow...haha. i love remaking sumthing too. if i had my own apartment i would have done it every few months. Your room definitely looks better with the soft lights! well done.

it definitely feels good to be in a "new" place right?

Thanks serendipity for the comment. You have some very cool design layouts on your website by the way, I especially like the t-shirt Viva La Vian. It catches your eye. ;o)

Wow, bro! Looks great! I can't wait to see it for real this summer. Can you do my house next? Love you.

Big Sis

PORN DUDE!! P O R N !!!!

Piojo, you're so odd...

I also pinch!

we play this game at work with 80-90's streaming music in your office krez. don't know the flick but the chick in B/W looks like Scarlet Johansson

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