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HHO Water Gas

If all hold out on this one, things are going to be sweet! Bye Bye accursed fossil fuels...not quite Cold Fusion, but a very new unique way at extracting hydrogen from water via electrolysis...at least, apparently, a viable way of doing it. See for yourself. =o)

Powertrain technology: US firm seeks patents for ‘Hybrid Hydrogen Oxygen System’
25th May 2006

US developer Hydrogen Technology Applications, Inc. says its Aquygen Gas, used for welding and other industrial applications, can also be generated on board cars and used as a primary fuel source or fuel additive for gasoline, diesel and aircraft turbine engines.

The Hybrid Hydrogen Oxygen System ("HHOS") can generate sufficient Aquygen Gas using ‘wasted’ energy from a car's alternator to separate the hydrogen and oxygen in water through electrolysis to enrich a vehicle's traditional fuel supply (gasoline or diesel) to provide a net power increase. In the firm’s prototype vehicle, it has been estimated that the heavy-duty alternator deployed requires about 4hp of the stock engine's base power load. It has been estimated that the increased energy release of the combustion process using the Aquygen Gas enrichment resulted in a net 17hp gain.

The company says its HHOS system can be installed with ‘very little’ modification to a standard piston engine, and that water and oil operating temperatures are not affected.

The HHOS has so far been tested in two different vehicles (a 1994 Ford Escort, and a 1998 Ford Ranger pickup) and fuel economy increases have ranged from 22.9% to 100% depending upon the amount of electrical energy available for the production of Aquygen Gas. The Escort has reportedly been driven 100 miles on just eight ounces of water.

The HHOS could be retrofitted to existing gasoline and diesel vehicles, and Hydrogen Technology Applications claims the economic payback on fleet vehicles could be less than six months.

According to a press report at kxan.com, the only problem is said to be that the oxygen produced along with hydrogen by the system gets so hot it could possibly burn the cylinders in a car.

The HHOS is in patent-pending stage with 39 claims pending.

Okay, so how quick can the government find a "legitimate" reason to squash this? ...or make water more expensive!

I would be more worried about a bullet to my "ol'brain pan." ;o) Or the nice accident on the country road.

Dont ignore the other companies involved with HHO and Brown's Gas. They are working really hard and deserve coverage as well.


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