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Damn You, Trunk Monkey!

Don't you just hate chaperones!?!

I've tried on two computers and three different browsers and it doesn't wanna play. :( Make it work, computer-man....

half of the stuff Krez has in his pages won't load up under my Linux machines ... but the way I look at it is: if it don't play on my computer is probably not cool enuff ...


You sir, suck! LOL j/k man! Don't hack the planet! Hehehe

It worked!!! Funny commercial...I'm that kind of a chaperone on band trips! *evil grin*

Hope you are having a ball this weekend playing "t3h 0bl1v10n".

I came home talking about that game and my wife gave me one of those looks ... let us just say she would not be pleased if I bought it.

Just because the trail looks pleasant to journey, doesn't mean it's the safest one to walk upon. ;o)

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