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Here We Go...

Okay here we go…Who would have ever thought two pictures, would have spurred this on. ;o) Well I guess I don't feel the same way about ALL women as you do Ed, but in turn I’m sure I’ve had different experiences than you have had…we all do. I for one have meet lots of wonderful ladies in my life and some not so great. That’s one of life’s “little doors” that slides both ways for the ladies too, I’m sure. One thing that I’ve learned, more so just from the passage of time, is that both sexes are prejudice towards looks. Only some are more extreme in their prejudices than others. We all try not to admit it, and say that we ONLY care about what inside a person, so as not to feel overly superficial. Guess what? We are all guilty of harboring the ability for being superficial and to deny that would be lying to ones self…Sadly this appears to be a human condition we all share, but to varying degrees. If this wasn’t the case we wouldn’t have (for a very simple example) magazines such as FHM, Cosmopolitan, Maxim, and on and on and on, selling in the millions. Some mill over them for the images they contain, others looking for tips on how to look this way or that, or how to best please and or snag them a “mate,” etc, etc… WE ALL ARE GUILTY OF THIS...BEING SHALLOW. However with all that being said I for one DO enjoy seeing an attractive looking woman, such as Adriana Lima or any other women who takes care of their body. However would I choose physical beauty over someone who may not be nearly as attractive physically as she is to me, for one who has brains, an opinion, who is both smart and sweet along with so many other things…No I wouldn’t, and I would make the choice without thinking twice about it. Some of you may believe what you want about what I just said and say “WTF-ever,” but I think deep down (unless you’re just an asshole/bitch to the core,) would choose to be happy in life rather than being superficial. Bottom line is this, looks alone will not bring you happiness (sadly this is something we all tend to learn, but only after much grief, pain, and tears…self included.)

Honestly, all things aside, the women I think about holding every day and spending the rest of my life with, I have yet to find, but she is much like this:

(Attraction based on physical attributes)

Attractive: Sure
Not-So attractive: Sure

(Attraction not basied on physical attributes)

Brains: A Must
Opinions: A Must
Sweet: A Must
Laughs: A Must
Loves to Smile: A Must

…and that’s all. If you fit the above, and you’re looking for much the same, let me know… I would love to take you out, if only simply, to get to know you.

- Krez

piojo = asshole at heart! hehe, BUT I make a good friend when I don't wanna bang ya...

hmmm ... Krez is listing "t3h criteria" ... I had very few absolutes, and yes, those were absolutes in which I would not budge and would discourage me from pursuing something further. However, most of them were in Optionals category, in which certain things were preferred ... kind of sounds like I came up with a job listing or something ... lol :)

Education: BS degree required, if she had not attained one, she had to be willing to get it. I know a degree is not a clear measure of intelligence, but it is definitely a measure of seeking learning.

Smoking and Drinking: No smoking is a definite absolute. Early on, drinking was too, but I eventually went a little "lax" on that one to include social drinking.

Kids: No kids from previous marriages. Marriage is something you have to work hard at, don't need the added stress of an ex-spouse coming into the equation. And yes, she would also want to have kids some day as do I.

Financials: Not hung up on brand clothing or expensive fashions (watches, jewelry, cars). Yes, we all like nice stuff to wear, but if they came in said, "this watch costed me $200.00", I would not consider it further.

Face: Glasses are a plus, but not required. Brown eyes a plus, but not required.

Languages: Spanish is a plus, but not required.

Video Games: Being a gamer was a definitely plus, although not required.

Ok, I won't go much farther into this, but I think it definitely gives you a good idea.

I subscribe those magazines...but only to read the articles! ;)

...Ummmm, which articles?? ;oP

Hmmm, I'll have to think about my must haves for my future bitch uh I mean husband.

I try not to be shallow but thats difficult.

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